Biofuel market

Rape oil from rapeseeds

Our company specializes in the sourcing and suppling raw materials for biofuel production that comply with RED 2009/28 and the German Biofuels Sustainability Ordinance. Our main products are crude oils such as Rapeseed oil and Palm oil as well as Used Cooking Oil.

Palm oil from palm oil fruits

Our products are sourced from the companies that meet the EU sustainability requirements and are certified within one of the EU-approved certification systems like ISCC or RED CERT.

Used Cooking Oil

The legal requirements concerning the GHG reduction in Germany is constantly growing. Most suppliers have already switched to the individual GHG calculation. For that reason, we are able to offer raw materials with a high GHG reduction potential.



Organic Food

Currently, we are developing our organic food division. Through our international network we have already established good contacts with the producers of food from organic farming. We work closely with organic wheat and organic mustard producers. Other organic products are constantly are added to our product portfolio. If you are interested, please contact us. We are interested to cooperate with you in this field.